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Many of the travel blogs I’ve researched agree that the old-school travel guide books have been made redundant due to the internet. While this is sad in its own right, because I love books I believe preserving them is greatly important, the internet allows us access to such vast information that you can truly plan out the exact trip of your dreams.

Travel bloggers who dissuade packing traditional guide books mention that the guides are becoming less and less helpful in their efforts to remain relevant to world travelers. What I mean by this is that many of the books end up claiming all destinations are wonderful and are worth traveling to, rather than getting down to the nitty-gritty and explaining which ones are genuinely worth spending precious time and funds on. Often times when the activities you chose and sights you see are time sensitive, you have to be fairly ruthless on which ones you decide to embark upon.

Regardless of this, I think having some sort of travel guide with you is helpful. Since I can’t memorize all that I’ve researched I decided to make my own personalized guide book. Each time I research and stumble upon helpful information, backpacking routes I want to check out more, and tips on particular sights, I copy them into a word document and save them in a folder on my desktop. As I re-read through the pieces, I pluck the most useful information and transfer it into a separate single word document. Once I complete my makeshift travel guide, I am going to print it out in a small notebook style and bind it. You can print and bind at Kinkos for a reasonable price. This way I can reduce excess weight in my pack by not lugging around a travel guide with unnecessary information, and I can reduce waste by only printing the information I need.

Making your own travel guide has many perks, including possibly saving yourself some money. If the prices at Kinkos are too expensive then you can simply print your information yourself and bind it with staples and a makeshift cover – remember it doesn’t have to be fancy, just has to have the information you need in it. You can even upload the information you collected on your travel blog for others to use, but be sure to give credit to original writer. The internet is immensely helpful in planning your nomadic adventures so take all the advantage you can of the beautiful information out there!

||May your mind be vast and your journey be wild ||

Kate Townsend

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