I’m Kate, a confused-and-compelled nomadic writer seeking happiness through life on the road. 

After three years spent in a cubical working for a corporate giant I realized the American Dream did not suit me. My significant other Chris – lovingly known as Weber – and I were tired of the rat-race, and sick of working to collect possessions which only served to steal our time. We unshackled ourselves from the daily grind, ready to dive into the unknown, and we traded our 8-5s for backpacks and plane tickets.


Weber and I at one of our all time favorite places, and where we got engaged - Telluride, CO.
Weber and I at one of our all time favorite places, and where we got engaged – Telluride, CO.


First stop – Australia and New Zealand!

And that is about where the plans stop…

Weber and I are a spunky duo – if we are really going to do this, we are going to do it right. We were already quitting our jobs, selling our possessions, and flying half way around the world – so we wanted the ultimate freedom to see where the wind takes us, without the restraints of a time line or end date.

While we have a general idea of desired destinations, we are leaving most of the decision making up to the universe. Our open mindedness and adventurous spirits will lead the way to unexpected opportunities, unplanned routes, and new found friends.


web and i campout
Us at a music festival in Colorado.


We will share tales of triumphs and challenges we encounter along the way, as well as budget travel hacks and practical tips for taking your own leap into the abyss. On our travels, we hope to meet and learn from intentional communities around the world – since one of our future goals is to be self sustainable, live closer to the land, and appreciate the truly meaningful aspects of life.

Awaken & Explore is about questioning the status quo and pushing towards a positive future for our entire global community. We hope to encourage others to embrace the unknown and seek genuine happiness.


web blitz kate
Weber and I at the summit with our rescue dog, Blitz.


May your mind be vast, and your journey be wild.


All photography by us.




“For all its material advantages, the sedentary life has left us edgy, unfulfilled, even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven’t forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a a nearly forgotten song of childhood. We invest far off places with a certain romance, the appeal, I suspect, has been meticulously crafted by natural selection as an essential element in our survival. Long summers, mild winters, rich harvests, plentiful game – none of them last forever. Your own life, your band’s, even your species might be owed to a restless few drawn by a craving they can hardly articulate or understand, to undiscovered lands and new worlds. Herman Melville, in Moby Dick, spoke for wanderers in all epochs and meridians, he said: ‘I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote, I love to sail forbidden seas.’ Maybe it’s a little early, maybe the time is not quite yet, but those are the worlds promising untold opportunities, silently they orbit the sun…waiting.” – Carl Sagan-